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Thursday, October 22, 2009

love was just another word i never learnt to pronounce


and cjay has fuuucking hot *leaves blank for your daily imagination stretch*

i had and am having a really fun time today.

'oh, sab, your tit is hanging out.'
'Oh no, that was just my imagination.'

Who knew that a ruler-straight guy could be best friends with a bruno-a-like? With a girl shoved in between.

Brandon and Cjay in like 5 years time.
(or something of the sort.)

on a completely different matter;

have you ever felt like that black pit in your stomach is never going to go away?
never ever ever?
yeah well, hate to break it to you;

but you can still be happy.
if you don't think about it.

until you're fully happy.
which, i am a lot of the time.

except when that black pit comes back and bites you on the fucking ass.

best to leave you hanging 
and i think brandon just broke my vase
xx scarzz

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