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Sunday, November 22, 2009

and when you're close i feel like coming undone

hey guys!

i have to apologise for not blogging for like 10 (blogger) years!

i've hardly touched my computer the last few days; so much to do!

(parties, whores, the lot, right?)

a few stories to tell !

first off, on saturday I had a swimming competition.

The one in purple would be me, diving :) this is an old photo.

i won both my races, i was quite pleased, considering I was really sick (nothing was going for me that day).
i also got PB's (for those non-sporties, a PB is a personal best)
For 50m backstroke; 40.34 seconds (i think I may have cracked the 40 before though, but according my coach, I haven't! still amazing)
For 50m freestyle; 35.12 seconds OH MY FCKING GOD I GOT 35 SECONDS!

then my coach told me that the head coach said that if i train more he could get me to state level. yeah right. too much work! 

then i went to a really amazing friend, bec's, house. it was pouring rain, and i mean really pouring!

we wanted to go to the video store, so we walked over there- without umbrellas. about halfway, we were drenched, and there was no shelter.

it was some random deserted place with brothels around; i knocked on the door of one and asked for sex.

(for the record, no one answered- hahaha)

anyway so we were really soaked by the time we reached the video store; so we picked our videos and we were gonna take the tram back.

FAIL. We ended up walking, it wasn't very far though. 

then we got to the pizza shop, and ordered a margherita. we didn't have far to walk, but 


to make matters worse, the pizza was all soggy and the topping practically slid off, and we were laughing the whole time.

and because i've got so much to say in this blog, i'm not gonna keep telling you of the whole night.

and just gonna skip to a pretty funny situation that happened to me.

i was in the city waiting for my dad,
wet because of the rain (again! so much rain this weekend!)

and he wanted to show me around his new work office, so we went there, and it was rather snazzy if I say so myself. 
and for some reason, I thought that when I pressed the 'chocolate' button on the coffee machine, nothing would come out, or it would ask me to do something else. Like pay. But obviously it was free. 

but of course, it didn't.

there were no cups there ( I don't know why) so I was left trying to scoop up the hot liquid coming out of the machine. It was actually pretty nice, but hard to drink. It seemed to go ON AND ON. Finally, it stopped, and just to check, don't ask me why, I put my head under it so I could see where the liquid came out of.


Of course. How could I forget the chocolate sprinkling on top, which was now on my face?

Then my dad walked passed, saw me, was momentarily confused, then started laughing. 

Thank god no one else was there.

alright, that's the stories covered I had to tell! Haha.

So tell me, my lovely followers, have you ever had a coffee machine incident? 

oh and, great news!
Taylor swift just released her new album- Fearless (Platinum edition)

the songs are very pretty, superstar is cute; the lyrics are mad. and jump then fall is very sweet.

okay, that's it for now! this was a long post, hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next time,
keep smiling !

xx scarzz


you're gorgeous.

2 whispers of love:

Erimentha said...


i love the story of you licking the hot choc without a cup! and the ' i want sex' story, sounds like a super dooper weekend! and the p.b.s!!! woot! good zabeaney!

and OMG i fucking love taylor swift..

too many cool things in this post to comment! LOL!

love you!

Phoebe! said...

Oh my god, you're so funny!
well done on your swimming by the way, I'm more than impressed.

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.