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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i want your love, and i want your revenge. (&&lately)

from a very stressed-pissed-remotely-happy-in-a-weird-way i bring you this song.

lately- sabine cara

i hate your ignorance, your confidence, and your so called intelligence. 
i hate your communication, conversation, and your lack of consideration. 
i hate you when i try, you make me want to cry,
but lately i hate you all the time, 
i hate your bitchiness, your ditching-ness, all these things i must confess,
i hate your put downs, i hate your cut outs, my trust in you I start dou-bt,
i hate your self concern, oh why won't you learn, lately your my song to burn.

i'm happy a lot of the time, but when something pisses me off, it's to easy for my to get caught up with it.

so normally ignoring works. 

anyway, the main point of this blog is to INFORM.

I won't be blogging much over the next week and a half- 


(shoot me)

wish me luck too, and thanks again to all my followers fro your lovely comments :) they make me less stressed.

off to study maths!

xx scarzz

ps. catch along, please.

7 whispers of love:

Megan said...

Goodluck with your exams, I just finished a week ago x

Mich 'ELLE. said...

goodluck with your exams!
stay positive, you'll do great, I'm sure!
XX michelle

Phoebe! said...


catherine. said...

yo, :)

i have two ideas that that song is about, i hope to god one of them is wrong but it seems unlikely.

catherine, xxxxxxxxxxx (etc to infinity)

ciaraaaa:) said...

gooodluck! how do u do writing like that ? its soo cool!xo

Jay Dreamer said...

i've got someone i could sing this song to :D lol
but i really hope you do well on your exams! you'll ace them!

Erimentha said...

good luck!!!!!!!

:( sorry about that horrible sounding person!

see you thurs?


what the fuck?

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