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Friday, November 6, 2009

this is who i am.

hey, as promised. this is only a bit, coz i cannot be bothered writing more. 

kirstin, kimberly, elli and I all headed off to kirstins holiday house, in ocean grove.
on the first day it was all cloudy and not nice so we didn't go the beach, we went to the supermarket and watched scary movies.

the village, halloween, physco, and saw 1.

the village was kinda scary, halloween had too much pop ups for my liking, physco was good, except now whenever i go into a shower i get freaked out, and lastly, saw.  saw was awweeeesome. it was gruesome and scary but i loved it.

i'm totally gonna watch saw 2, 3, 4, 5 or however many we can with bec when i go to her house :)
then we stayed up talking for a fair while, then finally went to sleep.

the next day, we went to the beach after breakfast. it was so fcking funny.
i saw kims boob. by accident, when she was waiting for kirstin to tie it up. hahahahahaha. funniest moment ever.
 then we saw this hot guy, and his brother, and we were like dayumm.
me and kim were walking by them to check them out, schmexay.
then sure enough, kirstin walks by behind us and drops her phone.

good job kirstin!

thats enough writing.
xx scarzz.

ps. cara likes jasper hehehe

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