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Sunday, December 6, 2009

according to you, i'm stupid, i'm useless

and so he stared, far beyond the ocean,

but really, he could only see her, splashing in the waves,
her golden hair reflecting the rays of sunlight,
she let out a happy laugh, her sound running through the world of nothing,
her dress was loosely dipping the cold water, but there wasn't a care in her life,
such a difference, he was invisible, but everybody knew her, everybody liked her.
how he longed to be hers, to have her in his arms.
he wanted to shout his love to her, but he was too afraid,
she didn't even know his name, he was regarded lowly to such a woman.
Why, he thought. I'm just as capable as loving as any other man with money.
They may have the dimes, but what good is money for happiness?
and so he stared, far beyond the ocean,
at her, her who could never be his. 

inspired by michael bublé and the titanic story.

that was a really sad part.

i really liked titanic. honestly the last time i saw the whole movie I was 7 and i didn't really understand it. but when i was watching it yesterday i realised how much i loved it. the most upsetting part of it, for me, I think, was the fact that so many people died. Frozen, drowned, shot. All those poor, helpless people. It stung me so deep, particularly since drowning is one of my worse fears. 

The captain who shot himself probably had it best off. 

I must remember to ask my friend for it over the holidays.

'i'll never let go, jack.'

one bit that made me laugh was when they were hanging on to the rail, when the ship was sinking, and jack was like

'never let go of my hands!'

and i thought he said

'never let go of my ass!'

i was like, geeez, not the time much? haha.

rose's hand scared me when she hit it on the glass in the sex scene.


I hope one day I'll find love like Rose and Jack's. Such immense, passionate love.

i want to have that perfect wedding, and i want him dressed in a really nice tux, coz guys in suits are unbelievably gorgeous.

let's just skip to the love, shall we?

xx scarzz

8 whispers of love:

Phoebe! said...

"I'm just as capable as loving as any other man with money." love.It.

I watched titanic last night too! Its one of my all time favourites. Its one of those films that even though you know what's going to happen, you still hope and think that there might be a way out. oh well...

shellbell said...

i saw Titanic in the cinema during a natural disaster sized ice-storm in my boyfriend-at-the-time's university town.

i wept loudly and unashamedly during the scene where the boat has sunk and everyone's in the water dying.

when we left the theatre and the city was in dire straits because of the storm damage, it was kind of surreal...

i had nightmares for weeks that i was on the titanic!

shellbell said...

ps - am i really that much older than you? yikes.

Erimentha said...

haha. yes, let's just skip to love.

:) such a good movie, and awesome post!

teehee, your blog is really rockin' now!

btw: guess the quote:
"i can't help it if you looks like an angel, can't help it if i want to kiss you in the rain so"


Jay Dreamer said...

Aww! I LOVE this post. I was 9 when I first saw Titanic, but I wasn't really allowed. I was actually peeping from my parents' doorway one night while they were watching it. They had NO idea! lol.
By the way, love men in tuxes too :)

p.s- Love the new blog look!

Jay Dreamer said...
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catherine. said...

sabine, you're such a hoebiscuit.

you haven't posted again and i did :) aren't you proud of me? but you haven't so i am very sad and i should go to school soon, but still. you're being mean.

im sad.

catherine xxx

Athena. said...

I love this :)
Titanic and Micheal Buble :{D

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.