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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i've actually been surprisingly busy recently.

so sorry for not blogging/commenting!

if someone, someone you love, makes you so unconditionally happy; are you in love with them? i'm serious. 

someone you know you can't be with; it just won't happen. but whenever you're talking to them, they make you smile. 

love has such barriers.

so why are you so negative about yourself? 
just because you're the way you are, most certainly does not mean there aren't people there for you. 

sweet 16 and never been kissed.

so schools out. my report was good :) I got three A's, and about 5 B's. For all you non australians that's 'above average'. 

i've also figured out the song i'm going to video this holiday!

Here is a bit of it:

do you have golden brown hair, do you look like you're famous?
do you fall off your bike and act like it's painless?
do you know all the things that would make a girl swoon?
do you live your life like you've nothing to lose?

do you play you're guitar when you're alone?
do you sing all the songs, the ones that you wrote?
do you sing about the girl, the girl that you need?
so tell me boy, have you ever sung about me?

it's really hot.

xx scarzz

6 whispers of love:

Phoebe! said...

Congratulations on your results!!!
thats so good :)

Pretty much in love with that song btw.

Erimentha said...

love the song! did you write it? or am i seriously in need of a radio listen?

sounds like a cute guy you swooning after...tell me more!

congrats on your report.
once again:
your blog is too cool and i ask too many questions!


Zmaga said...

I thought I was in love with a guy, it was the exact same situation like the one you described, but I just didn't want to take that chance... now he's happy with another girl, but I still like to think that I made the right choice.
And don't worry about never being kissed, everyone is on a different timetable, your time will come.

daphne on a rocketship said...

Thnx for the comment sweetie!!!!!
and hey don't worry about never being kissed,i am 16 and i have never being kisssed too!!!!!But remeber to be always youself and don't care about what other people think about u because they don't know u!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats for the results btw!!!!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your grade report!

Don't worry--I'm 19 and never been kissed.

Anonymous said...

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