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Monday, December 28, 2009

shawty like a melody in my head

well, christmas is over and 2010 is rapidly approaching!

hope you all had a wonderful and loving time x)

my family had a bit of a tradition swap this year, but it was still a lot of fun.

the smell of sweet lemongrass filled her nostrils as she drank, 
gulping it as quickly as she could. 
there wasn't much time, 
there was never much time. 
there was only her, and in that split second, there was only him. 

she could feel her blood trickling down the side of her leg,
it was already drying, almost as soon as it was exposed to air.
she was afraid, but no more than she usually was.
fear had become a sort of second base feeling for her.
it happened too often.

after finishing her drink, she pulled the elastic off her wrist and tied her hair in a bun.
her neck was sweltering, it must have been far above 45 degrees.
the sun burnt in the middle of the sky, showing no signs of mercy.

just a short paragraph of writing i created.

thank you to all 21 followers, i treasure each and every one of you.

xx scarzz

ps. when athena called me scar the other day, I got very excited.

ooooh :)

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what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.