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Monday, December 21, 2009

unspeakable; forbidden love.

it's either; 
the best thing I ever decided to do,
or the biggest mistake of my life.

perhaps i won't tell anybody.

i saw avatar today.

and i freaken loved it.

Neyteri is gorgeous. 

it's very thrilling; it includes fighting scenes, love scenes, crying scenes. everything you could want. some of the humans are so cruel, it almost makes you ashamed to be one- even if it's just a movie.
And the Navi people? Everything you could ever imagine! The perfect alien- tall, majestic, beautiful. The way they talk is fascinating and very pretty. I love their hand movements. 

His love for her and her love for him; a binding love.

sam worthington was rather good looking also.

and that sex scene was hilarious. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want alien sex? 

I highly recommend it to anyone - except little kids. It makes you feel excited and I assure you, you will walk out of the cinema in a state of sheer bliss.

xx scarzz 

3 whispers of love:

Seli said...

I've tagged you for an award

Thanks for an awesome blog


catherine. said...

zomfg, you are one crazy cat sabine :)

just wait on that one follower
i KNOW they will come soon :D

omfg-vivian said...

I loved loved loved it ! Avatar is by the far the best movie of the year.

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.