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Friday, December 4, 2009

when you first left me, i was wanting more-or-ore

new layout. do you like it? feel free to comment it :)

many thanks to cati for this wonderful list.

i love lily allen with an utmost dying passion
and i love getting her live songs off itunes
and the best thing is when i can spend hours do nothing on the computer coz exams are over

the best thing about christmas is christmas/ too hard to say
and the worst thing is that school finishes so close to it

i am listening to glee cover song of lily allen's smile- 

song playing right now

thing that i love about the year two thousand and nine the changes
but the thing is  they all hurt me in the beginning

new thing that i am into the radio. i never have it off.
what i discovered in two thousand and nine life

best news today monarch of the glen is on at 2. omg.
best feeling today exams are over

what i discovered you feel different happiness with different people. lets leave it at what cati wrote.
love it when attractive men walk into my life

and around now is when i start thinking about my christmas card messages
and i am hoping that all my friends will like them

i wonder if people will ever realise that sometimes they should shut up, sit down, and listen.

something that is still being complete my before i die list
number of things on the list completed one haha

why cant i stop singing?

it is embarrassing when my fucking coach tells me he is gay in fairly explicit ways
awkward situations are extremely the action of attraction to the male physique by another male.

an example is when a girl tells you they had a dream about kissing you.

and my belly button is a section of my stomach. inny :)

the thing i meant to say to you merry christmas!

Even if the sky is falling down like she supposed to be,
She gets down low for me,
Down like her temperature, ’cause to me she zero degree,
She cold, overfreeze,
I got that girl from overseas,
Now she my miss America,
now can i be her soldier please,
I’m fighting for this girl,
I’m a battlefield of love,
Don’t it look like baby cupid sent his arrows from above,
Don’t you ever leave the side of me,
Indefinitely, not probably,
and honestly im down like the economy.

doctor who is on this weekend. lovelovelove.

xx scarzz

6 whispers of love:

catherine. said...

fuck im awesome, i must have been tagged in at least TWO of your posts :D

love it when attractive men walk into my life

and you better not have been talking about my brother there :|
i still hope your joking about that

XXXXXXXXXXXXX (you get the picture)

Erimentha said...


i simple cannot believe it! i love monarch of the glen! this is getting too weird! we like ALL the same shows! :)

:) congrats on your exams. i'm sure you did extremely well!

x's and o's
eri xxxxxxxxxx

Erimentha said...

btw i love the new layout. it's almost as hot as you!

kimmy said...

shut up sabine. hahahahahaha love the new layout

Phoebe! said...

Loving the new layout ... could do with a little more emma watson, but im just being picky!
this is a really cool post :)

p.s. I can't wait for doctor who <3

daphne on a rocketship said...

thnx for ur comment!!!!!!!
nice post!!!!!!

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.