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Thursday, February 11, 2010

must have been the way that you kissed me

I was less than 5m away from taylor swift.

today was a fairy tale,you were a prince, i used to be a damsel in distress.

oh god, i can't even tell you how good she was. i went with my awesome friends, mary and laura, my taylor swift fans. her voice was so pure (who the hell said she was bad live?!) and her guitar skills are so mad, not to forget the chair throwing and the rain. oh the rain.

I almost cried when she was on the backstage cam x) mary told me I was weird, but I was so happy. 

i felt really sick through the whole of fifteen, like I wanted to throw up, but luckily that didn't last long. 

she sung lovely songs, though i missed breathe, which i wish she had sung. 
but i DID get a tshirt, its blue and it has the picture underneath on it :)

'don't mess with my friends in melbourne.'

'we could be in the plane for 14-15 hours, but when we touch down in melbourne, we feel like we're home-- COZ OF YOU GUYS.'

I of course, relate to tons of her songs and I love her for that.

she inspires me to keep writing and keep dreaming of that one day when i'm on that stage.

those stars burn like diamonds- gloriana

xx scarzz

5 whispers of love:

daphne on a rocketship said...

i love taylor too!!!!!see has some really good songs!!!
and you are really lucky!!!!!!

Erimentha said...

:) omg she was soooooooooo gooodddd <3 i love this & words. and i'm glad you almost cried too!

"if you do something bad to me, I'LL WRITE A SONG ABOUT YOU!" hahaha

agh! die of amazingness!

:) i wish she played breathe too, my only regret! ha! we are so similar.

btw is torchwood on tonight ;)?

xxx love you,

Loz said...

Good old Taylor Swift! :)
There's a blogger tag waiting for you...

Erimentha said...

POST MORE!!!!!!!!!
i need your posts!

我 moi said...

oh wow you are so lucky you got to see Taylour Swift ^_^ I love her songs so much !

I was going to see her last year in November but then Snow Patrol were playing on the same night at the Royal Albert Hall , so I went to see Snow Patrol instead , I love Snow Patrol ^_^ !

what the fuck?

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