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Thursday, April 15, 2010

my judgment's getting kinda hazy.

you had me at hello.

fuck this, you fake fucking arsehole.

so my entirely gorgey honey, catihas tagged me to do her blogger tag, which I'm quite excited about.
(write a paragraph about love, no limits, and tag three people)

your cheeks are so pink,
the soft sound of your tears falling,
like rain drops on the tin roof,
your eyelids droop but the green glistens,
I can only nod when you speak,
my mouth paralyzed; so still,
the nightingale sings in all it's pure beauty,
the sound rings through our ears,
beating in exact time of my torn heart,
suddenly so delicate, behind brittle bones,
if you so loved me as I so loved you,
perhaps then your breath would quicken, 
and your mind flutter with the magic,
perhaps then,
you'd smile.

I tag:

 xx scarzz

ps. sometimes you've just got to ask it. formspring bby.

7 whispers of love:

~Abby~ said...

Sanchez tagged me to do a post about love as well. :)
I love tags.

sanchez said...

Heehee I beat you, in tagging Abby.

But I LOVE your paragraph, its so sweet and very... I was going to say lovely but I think outstanding suits it much more!

I love this tag. Its interesting and has no limits. :) its amazing that way isn't it?

Camelgirl said...

Did you write this!?
I looove it

Athena. said...

Ahh, so lovely :')

Erimentha said...

thanks for the tag ;)

loving the poem, very beautiful <3


TheLittleFlower said...

Love this so much!

tywo said...

This is so beautiful.


what the fuck?

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