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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pick a star on the dark horizon

wow, I'm aligning right.

so this honey; catherine,  has tagged me for the 7 things tag created by mollie and mae, in which I have to write about 7 things I love. simple, non?

1. the frankie website. I adore the magazine (though all my copies are gone coz the few times that I have my mum seems to have taken them -_-) seriously though, its got quite genius little gorgey recommendations about fashion, artsy indie things, music etc :) it led me to the out of print clothing, which I find hilarious & adorable, though I haven't read many of the books. I've got about a million books to read (the tomorrow series, the notebook, walk to remember... and so many more.)

2. finding people who have everything in common with me. things that you never thought other people would like/do/ see. I love being able to talk for hours on end about a subject that just makes me smile & laugh & dream.

3. writing hilariously ridiculous and bitchy songs about people because I know they'll never read them.

4. INSIDE JOKES. they make my life.
today me and my friend janice stood outside her house at some freakish hour (okay, 7pm) and screamed people's name && lay on the road when the car was (actually) really close.
it's unusually invigorating. 

5. laughing at my fucking weird friends and getting told off by the teacher and laughing more, being sent outside and lying about why I was laughing in the first place, and laughing again when they believe me so easily.

6. ironic puns.
(homophobia is gay.)

7. finding unknown, adorable bands or singers with pretty leads. you guys should definitely check out The Wombats. they're not unknown that much, but they're really indie and although the drummer sounds like he is about to break the symbol, the lyrics really make you think, and cmon guys, they're british, (what's new sab?)

and so I tag it onto:
m- love you & your blog!
and janice because I can't get enough of her blog either.


my cheeks are blushing red, honey.

xx scarzz

ps. i love reflexes.

12 whispers of love:

Athena. said...

this was lovelylovelylovely :)
I LOVE FRANKIE, and I giggled at no. 4 and no.5, i think it was, and I adore the wombats/british music.

TheLittleFlower said...

This is so lovely!! I can relate to no. 7!

~Abby~ said...

Now you have 41 followers! :)
I ♥ #5, it happens to me all of the time.

JS. said...

Whee I'm listening to Frankie music now :3

tywo said...

You are awesome!


catherine. said...

reflexes, gotta love them <3

Erimentha said...

loved this post, especially that pic of the two girls ironing, and your 40 followers!!!!!!! WOOT

and the story bout janice made me laugh hehehe


Francesca said...

"homophobia is gay." You crack me up, darling.
Tag for you on my blog.

Francesca said...

Thanks for the comment! I do have a formspring:

make sure to link your formspring on my blog!

Jen said...

I think a lot of homophobics are secretly gay and hate themselves for homophobia sometimes really is gay...

pearl. said...

oh my. let me say if i were to make a list it would be so similar to yours!
frankie magazine is my homepage, ahh its amazing! i never goa day without smiling at their finds.
i love like minded people, isnt it wonderful when you are on the EXACT same train of thought? quite magical.
inside jokes are the best. seriously, i couldnt live without them. your considered friends when you have an inside joke together :)
i love calling my gay friend gay (as in uncool)
i haven't heard the wombats, well i have but i havent heard their music. i think i will check them out :)
you're amazing i must say.
Pearl xo

aliiiiiive said...

cute blog!

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.