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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i'm sorry I told you I loved you

Pacey: I guess it just hurts, that's all.
Jen: Well, that just means it isn't pretend anymore.
- dawson's creek

dammit, when did we grow up?
When did we stop sliding back & forth making giant waves in the bath?
(come on, who didn't do that?!)
When did we start caring about what people thought?
When did we stop playing in the dirt because it wasn't proper?
When did we start worrying about being perfect?
When did we stop thinking life was so simple, and that the world ended at the end of your street?
When did we start hurting loving?
sometimes, I hate reminiscing.

I remember when I was in grade three, and at the end of the day when it was 'pack-up time', my teacher used to play walking on sunshine and by the time the song finished, we'd have to be finished as well. I remember I knew all the words, and every time I'd be walking home with my brother, singing along. 

I remember when I was in year six and I was playing Hermione in our school play, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was possibly the best time of my life, I remember how professional it seemed because we were doing two performances, and there was proper lighting and sound equipment, and our goblet of fire was absolutely amazing and all technical, and I remember yelling at Ron at the Yule Ball because he accused me of fratenising with the enemy, and I remember walking down from the back of the audience at the end of the show and I remember the light applause of the previous characters, then as the three leads came out, the applause got hell louder. 

what is your favourite childhood memory? 

xx scarzz

21 whispers of love:

catherine. said...

must go think of how to comment lovely :)

Kimberly said...

omg that was an amazing blog. i dont usually comment. but for this time i shall. <3 you sabine. gorgeous writing :) maybe that is what got us into the finals for our magazine :)

catherine. said...

First of all, amazing first qoute. Im going to go watch Dawsons Creek or something just for the qoutes. Second, pictures are amazing. Third I love the second last line of the middle bit. Fourth I love the grade six story.

It was just an amazing post honey. :)


Erimentha said...

love love love the pics, and i remember you telling me bout that play in yr 6!!! i cant believe you still know all your lines!

gosh...such a good post!

hope you're a-okay...

Camelgirl said...

Wow, this is a brilliant post. :)
You did Harry Potter for a school play!?!
*jaw drops*
I'm so incredibly jealous.
I'm sure you were a marvellous Hermione.

~Abby~ said...

I don't have just one....I have so many...good and bad.
And yes, I too splashed waves in the bathtub. And I pretended my rag was a mermaid and made stories with her.
But now I'm more child-like than ever. I don't care what people think, they can suck it. I'll do as I please as long as I'm not hurting anyone. :)

Chlo said...

the questions made me question myself, and i really did think about it. good and hard about it.

i miss not having to try not to care.

i have several childhood memories, but one was when we had reflection/nap time and i kept facing and making eye-contact with the guy i liked. every angle we turned we kept staring at each other and we couldn't stop laughing. young love! hahahha


Kakes said...

amazing post and fantastic pictures. you put all of my thoughts into the words that i cannot. <3

Zaira Mabel said...

your posts and pictures are always like daydreaming, just lovely.
My favorite childhood memories are playing and running around in our backyard in my island Quisqueya with all the neighbor's kids, and stealing cherries from our neighbor's cherry tree and been chased down the street by him with a broom and going back home with scrapes and scratches :)

sallyrose45 said...

Give it a few years and you won't care what anyone thinks!!!

It feels pretty good, too.


tywo said...

This post is amazing.
Childhood memories are something we hold on to whether good or bad. I loved when my parents would come home from work, and my mom would call my sisters and I, so we all make dinner for just my dad.


Anonymous said...

i remember once i made such a big wave in the bath that it overflowed and all my clothes on the floor got soaked and i had to buy new clothes but because of my exttrodianrly lean and tall body it was impossible to find cheap clothes that fitted me. Therefore i had to go to pumpkin patch because it was the only shop that i could aquire clothes that complimented my intriguing body type. The clothes were amazing by oh so so expensive, and my father had to end up reaching into his secret loan to pay for them, this was mistake number one. It was amazing to walk down the street looking fabulous but when you sat at a dinner plate with nothing more then a corn cob(without the corn) and a bowl of rice, or realise it's not so sweet. We managed to work out of debt but when the spring collection pumpkinn patch range came out i knew it had to be mine. My family decided to put a mortgage on our house, mistake number two. It was amazing walking down the street feeling like the summer sun flower that you always felt was true in your heart, but when we had to set up a tent made out of rat skin under flinders st it wasn't so sweet

♥ jan

NabilaHazirah said...

this such an amazing post! do keep writing you're talented! and the pictures are all lovely!


JS. said...

This is such a lovely post, I love childhood memories of others :)

Fé... said...

This is so beautiful.... I heart this post so much!!!!

Coco said...

oh oh oh that last picture is so beautiful, there are no words.

To answer your question, my best friend Annabelle took those photos - usually though it's my brother or sister that's roped in to doing it.


tiana lachelle said...

You have an award on my blog!

m said...

omg. sabineeee!!!!

first: i love love love love love dawson's creek, times a billion. best show ever.

second: you PLAYED HERMIONE IN A SCHOOL PLAY? i might just die of envy

third: your blog is amazing. maybe even more amazing than dawson's creek.

which is pretty amazing

fourth: good luck with your wjdkyy post. you're amazing. YOU CAN DO IT!


Athena. said...

i love this, i love this, i love this.
(also, your school sounds amazing, having done HARRY POTTER as its play!)

I'm particularly fond of this memory in which my brother and I were down the road with a whole group of other children and our parents. It was getting dark, we were on the playground, the stars were out, and I didn't care about anything. Not even when our parents called, and we had to run back home; the fireflies, the moondust, the way the lamplights lit up the roads. I think that was the first time I can recall, that I ever FELT beauty. I probably didn't even know it was beautiful, but I felt it, wow.


Clare said...

you have been tagged lovely! x

Francesca said...

I remember the stranges things from my childhood.
Like when I got a washcloth from the Disney store at the mall, but when you bought it it came in this little square, and it wouldn't grow until you wet it. And for some reason, I thought that was the most amazing thing to ever cross this earth.
I lovelovelove this post, so much.

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.