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Monday, October 18, 2010

hey, its just not my day

"Nothing quite as wonderful as the things you see."

Amy Pond- Doctor Who

living my life has made me feel extra creative lately.

on the weekend, I did a chocolate making course with my exchange partner from germany (the reason why I haven't been posting for the last week or so).
 It was so much fun, we made individual chocolate, tempered dark chocolate, covered biscuits in a thick chocolate layer, made dark easter bunnies and garden gnome with hints of white chocolate, and most importantly, ate a fuckload!

Last wednesday, I went to see Hairspray the Musical, live. And holy shit, it was absolutely amazing. Hairspray is one of my favourite musical, because: 
1) the storyline involves a dream coming true
2) it has some wicked songs
3) it features people with a difference, hence, what we can relate to
4) there is numerous gorgeous guys 
5) it's set in the sixties. I'm made for the sixties. especially the dresses.
6) there's loads of attitude 

And I walked out of there ready to take on anything.

(marry me link)
- Hugging my dad for a prolonged time.
- Re-watching videos from when I went to europe in 2002, and remembering so much.
- Riding my bike and making up a song as I go.

- Feeling so over confident and cheerful that I winked (i'm wondering too.) and smiled suggestively at this quite hot guy and had to then live through it as we waited at the traffic light.

walking through a park and pointing out all the good and bad things that happened there.

xx scarzz

fuck i hate when my blog layout fucks the post. fuck. 

10 whispers of love:

Camelgirl said...

simply loverly,
keep it up!
xx <3

Francesca said...

I love this.
The photos are all amazing, too(:

~Abby~ said...

Mmm each time I read the word 'chocolate' it made me want a fucking chocolate bunny more and more. XD
"...and had to then live through it as we waited at the traffic light"...such irony it cracks me up!

Have a good week! :)


Erimentha said...

im so happy that you're happy.

Zaira Mabel said...

now I want to see Hairspray :)
i always love your posts!
but amazingly what i love the most about this one is that quote "amazingly enough.." so random! hahahaha that is so funny!

Chlo said...

hahaha, your posts are just the best!

Nicoline said...

Love your blog soooo sooo much!! I hope you will follow or visit my blog:)

Erimentha said...

hey hun,
thanks for your comment. i love your support and outrage. it made me smile in love for you.

you've got a tag waiting for you on my blog, woot woot woot!

see you tomoz,
e xx

Shannon said...

jealous! ive always wanted to go to a real good musical, and the sixties omgee yes i love that era too! hahah, lovely post, glad that youre back.x

tywo said...

lovely! I want to make chocolate too! It sounds like a fun thing to do.
I love Hair spray too. :)


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