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Saturday, October 2, 2010

it's time to prove them wrong

my senses just had sex with:

matt smith
fresh spring jasmine
peach and raspberry tea
soft stubble jawlines
what makes your senses scream?
(I'm not sure if this should be a tag... but feel free to do it!)

xxo scarzz

14 whispers of love:

laura said...


Camelgirl said...

Hahaha, this is pretty rad.
I might do it if I have time sometime.
This was brilliant haha, love the tea picture, and oh my gosh I absolutely love jasmine.

~Abby~ said...

Yayyyy you're back!
Ears: Mine by Taylor Swift (I've ALWAYS hated her music but I love this one for some unknown reason...)
Eyes: Nick Jonas ♥ Forever & always.
Nose: The smell of HIM! <3
Taste: Rice krispie treats.
Touch: Hm...maybe something I WANNA TOUCH! XD Jk.


JS. said...

I like this, it looks like it could be a fun tag.

I might give it a try! :D

andie said...

haha, this is awesome! all of these things are spectacular for sure. :)

P.S, thanks for the king comment. I hope you are feeling in a better mood!

Dandalily said...

Do want!
This would be super fun to do, i'll have to keep it in mind. And my is Matt Smith yummy.

tegan said...

YES - agreeing with all of these, well except for the glee one, i love glee (MR SCHUESTER.. I WOULD.) but not really a fan of britney's music haha! i'd probably say the smiths instead! your blog is awesome :) xoxo

tywo said...

I love this!!!
When I hear a song by 'A fine Frenzy', my eyes get really big!! haha


Anonymous said...

fsdfneqahxrdgazbpmuy, nail fungus cure, CCxJEKq.

我 moi said...

hmm. . . Cillian Murphy makes my senses scream, just seeing him on the big screen melts my wee heart, more than any boy has ever done in my entire life so far (:


Francesca said...

This would make such a good tag! I'd say young leo dicaprio for eyes.(:

Erimentha said...

i want more more more sabine cara!

Irena said...

nice pics and nice blog :P xoxo, Irena <3

Athena. said...

Oh, yes! I adore this. I am such a Gleek.. how amazing was the Britney/Brittany episode?
"I, too, am Brittany S. Pierce."
So glad you're back, dearest. xxx

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