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Monday, November 22, 2010

happy birthday broken intimacy!

happy birthday broken
one year older, one year wiser?
or something like that.
I didn't know what to do with this post. So it's going to be all over the place, brace yourself.

Things I should probably tell you:

What 2011 means:
I'm going to Germany for three months next year in April,
 and I have an exchange partner coming for 3 months in January. Fuck yes. 

and uhm, now would probably be a good time to say it.

(for 3 years)
my mum got a job offer with her work, so I'm moving there for 3 years next year november. Which means I'll be finishing school at an international school. It's going to be hell intense, but I'm kind of  nervous and excited. I don't know how I'll say goodbye, though.

On a happier note...
Tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter with Eri. I can't wait, I'm a hugeeee harry potter fan and I was gutted that I couldn't see it on the first day, but I promised Eri I'd see it with her so I'm going on Tuesday, after she's finished her exams.

On a slightly hermione-ishly manic note:

I have exams next week, and I'm so fucked.
but I won't be blogging for the next week or two, so if you're missing me, that's where I'll be.

(this picture totally sums up my mood.)

anyway, being broken's birthday, I thought it might be time for your opinion.
let me know if you want anything different or something new on broken intimacy, and if its horrible, anonymous it. hahaha. 

i hope this post did your birthday justice, honey.

xx scarzz

11 whispers of love:

m said...

dude. china?
for real?
that's cool, cos china's cool.
but it sucks, cos NO MORE MTC :\
good luck with exams, i have them too, and they're STRESSFUL.
and have fun in germany.
and oh golly,

Shannon said...

wow! happy birthday to your blog :)
holy crap your going all over the place, i am so jealous!!
im hopefully going on wednesday, im a huge fan too, hahha
good luck for exams, much love.xx

J.J. Charles said...

whoa! this post made my day :D sounds like 2011 is gona be one amazing year for you lovely :)

Erimentha said...

wow! i really think you did broken's birthday justice! this was such a good sum-up-my-life-at-the-moment post.

(: (: (: (: thanks so much for today. it was SO much fun.

<3 love yewwww

sanchez said...

Oh I heard about China!
I went to the school you're going to I think... If Eri serves me correctly.

You're blog is lovely as always.

andie said...

WOOOW China? That is so exciting!! and happy birthday to your amazing blog! mwah!
also, good luck on exams!

~Abby~ said...

Happy one year blogiversary!
OMFG GERMANY? Lucky bitch!!! ;D
CHINA??!?! Even better! I actually wanna live there for a year of my life..just to see what it's like.

Good luck with exams!


{ I V Y } said...


Chlo said...

happy belated birthday,
good luck and all the best, sab.

Fé... said...

First of all, Happy Birthday Broken Intimacy! I think it's quite an achievement, to be able to keep a blog for a year. Many aren't lasting that long you know :)

Wow! Too many info for a single post. Germany? That would be marvelous, my uncle is there, and he's been living there for like more than 20 years. And he says it's fantastic. So I hope you'd be having a great time!

As for China, well, I'm Indonesia born Chinese and I go there every month for business. Shanghai is my favorite city. Other than that, I think it's a fine country :)

Good luck for you dearie! All the best for the coming year. Take care while you're away :)

Athena. said...

Oh, scarz! Happy birthday to your darling blog, and CHINA! Girl, you are going to have an amazing time, and wow. You are so strong and brave, and I adore you. xxxxxx

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