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Thursday, November 11, 2010

you, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard

hey lovelies!
Disclaimer: This post took me so so so so long. You've no idea. (and then I just posted it and accidentally deleted it. what could go more wrong?)
My layout kept stuffing up so I reverted to my original and redid the post about 4 times. such a fml. anyway, i'll try and revert back to my new layout again... who knows. but guys, theres going to be a big party coming soon on broken intimacy. so get your party blowers and balloons out, its going to be big!

Taylor Swift's new album has just come out, and if I say so myself, she just keeps getting better and better. T Swizzle is probably my all time favourite (or equal first) singer. I have a really open mind when it comes to music, and you'd probably struggle to find a band or singer that I didn't like or at least listen to. But I admit, Taylor is my pop orgasm. Her songs mean so much to me, so I thought I might do a really nice album review and talk about a few of the songs I could sing in real life.
hope you enjoy (even if you're a hater!)

Track Number 3- Back to December
What this song means to Taylor:
I'm so fucking sorry. I regret it so badly it hurts.
please forgive me.
What this songs means to me/reminds me of:
the exact same thing, minus the december part.
But this is me swallowing my pride,
Standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night,
Turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you.
The perfect picture:

Track Number 4- Speak Now
What this song means to Taylor:
speak now, because you'll regret not speaking more than speaking.
What this song means to me/reminds me of:
fulfil your dreams and chase after the boy who everyone thinks you'd never have, because, chances are, he'll feel the same way. 
The perfect picture:

Track Number 6- Mean
What this song means to Taylor:
you're a fucking dick!
What this song means to me/reminds me of:
my parents when they're surprised that I take such an interest in acting and performing and especially singing when its been my dream for so many years now and I've just never really mentioned it that much because I have two older brothers, one of whom is in his last year of high school and the other who is a very successful albeit low key actor. And then when I've actually landed something good, like a main role or a shakespeare monologue, they only realise how good I am when they watch the performance. fucking hell. 
The perfect picture: (took me sooo long to find this!)

Track Number 7- Story of Us
What this song means to Taylor:
I miss what we used to be, coz it was so damn amazing.
What this song means to me/reminds me of:
plenty of old relationships. too many, in fact. 
The perfect picture:

Track Number 10- Better than Revenge
What this song means to Taylor:
fuck you camilla belle, joe jonas was mine. you'd better watch out, bitch.
What this song means to me/reminds me of:
people who act differently around different people, and then get offended when I say something incredibly smart and bitchy. and also people who think its cool to play your emotions then spit it right back in your face.
"You can get angry Jen, which you clearly have already, or you can get even."
Pasey, Dawsons Creek
The perfect picture:

you've got no idea how much I wanted to do the whole album, there are so many songs I wanted to talk about, but this post was just getting way too long.
because I didn't mention:
sparks fly
dear john
never grow up
last kiss
long live
I still fucking love you.

xo scarzz

6 whispers of love:

tywo said...

I love Taylor!! I love this post. It makes me smile.
It sucks that you had so much trouble posting this. :(
It was worth it though. It is very interesting.
Thank you for the wonderful comment.
I'm doing well.


Francesca said...

I love this post! Taylor Swift is so sweet, and I adore her music.

Miss Shivi said...

'pop orgasm'? I like it.

Chlo said...
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Chlo said...

I swear I posted a bloody comment, and it never showed up...

Your posts are fucking amazing, and I really enjoyed this one!

i miss you xx

Chanelle said...

I'm embarrassed to say, I really did enjoy Taylor's last album. I'm scared to get this album in case I'll be disappointed though...will definitely check it out at the very least.

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.