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Sunday, January 23, 2011

i hope it's nice where you are

do you remember our date, that autumn tuesday night?
my hand was so sweaty, yet you held it so tight.

have any of you guys watched misfits? it's kind of similar to skins, in being british and about a mix of rebellious teens, but its so much better. It's got way more drama and intensity. 
the storyline is about 5 teenagers, who are brought together for community service, and are affected by a freak storm, and get weird superpowers as a result of it. 
there are cute characters, (especially nathan, the curly haired guys who features in the photos below), lots of swearing, countless sex scenes, terrific acting and best of all, hilarious jokes. seriously, I couldn't breathe I was laughing so much sometimes!

it's really kick ass, funny, scary and dramatic. may sound like a weird combination, but definitely check it out!

how have your holidays been?

xx scarzz

14 whispers of love:

Lilah said...

wow, i really want to watch misfits now
it sounds awesome
i love the first photo
and the lines at the top
i really wish you posted more oftn, theyre always so lovely

mckenzie. said...

i also would like to watch misfits. i have been told about it s lot!

Shannon said...

im so glad you did a post on misfits!! ohh its so amazing :) i just watched the movie cherrybomb and it has nathan from misfits and rupert grint from harry potter! its bloody brilliant totally recommend it! much love.xx

JS. said...

I watched misfits until someone was brutally murdered with an axe.

It scared me!

tywo said...

I have never heard of misfits. Thanks for sharing.
My days are going well. School resumed, so I now live a routine life. How boring!
I hope your days are graceful!


Chlo said...

you should also watch the inbetweeners! its just so silly its teh lulz bahahahahhah!

hoep you are well! x

Francesca said...

wish i could, but it doesn't air where i live. Sounds good, though(:

Thea said...

Ah, yes, Misfits, the ever-popular show that continues to elude me. But you make it look and sound so good, I am almost convinced to go ahead and watch it. x

sanchez said...

Absolutely love misfits. Have you seen season 3 yet? Makes my life a thousand times better. Well not actually.

Athena. said...

Sabine, scars, you are such a gem!
You leave the sweetest comments, thank you - keep being beautiful yourself, dearest.
And I have not seen Misfits, but have heard a lot of great things, so I think I may have to borrow the episodes from my friend, one weekend!

belle Armed said...

wow, this post is amazing.
you're an inspiration

Fé... said...

Holiday's over now and it's all work! Please go back and write a new post :p

Amy + Ava said...

wow! i want to watch the misfits now :)! looks hillarious!

Phoebe! said...

i love that show!

i also love the opening lines of this post. adorable <3

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