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Thursday, April 21, 2011

passing notes in secrecy

this night is sparkling
don't you let it go
i'm wonderstruck,
blushing all the way home
i spent forever
wondering if you knew
i was enchanted to meet you

hey guys,
so i'm just gonna give a quick update on what's been going on lately.

1. wild parties where the cops turn up! i got pretty drunk but I don't regret a thing, because I was so happy with my friends, you know? although, I did almost die coz I stepped in front of a car. I then fell over laughing. But then my friends and I had to deal with our friends throwing up, confessing, crying.. it wasn't much fun then. but the night on a whole, was amazing.

2. i'm going to germany next wednesday! but don't worry, i'm taking my computer. i'm staying with a host family for 3 months, which is actually going to be so amazing. after all, german boys are extremely hot. 

3. going away dinners. last night i had an incredible dinner with everyone I love (minus one of my best friends, janice) and we ate and went to the park and my primary school and ice cream shops, and overall it was just a lovely night. 

4. pretty photos (like above, which isn't an especially flattering photo, but my eyes!) and exploring new places and old treehouses that made us feel like we were like... on a huge adventure. it was actually magical.

5. MERLIN. oh god, merlin. merlin <3 <3 <3 i love this show, i've recently become obsessed with it. its so funny and quirky and intense, and not to mention features EXTREMELY hot boys. check it out as a favour to yourself!

anyway, so thats the down low, but also have a wonderful easter! I hope it's filled with chocolate and hot cross buns, and if you're greek.. well, happy greek easter too! 

xo scarzz
ps. old/new followers = <3

3 whispers of love:

Tegan said...

have fun in germany! that sounds so exciting! my mum used to do stuff like that, I've always wanted to ... And drunken nights like that are always amazing! xo

jamila said...

thank you for the sweet comment!

ahhh, german boys... i'm insanely jealous! have a good time!


Chanelle said...

haha, parties where the cops rock up are the best kind of parties! It happened once when I was living in Colorado and I had to jump three sets of fences, so much fun.

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
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I get them all from here.