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Monday, May 21, 2012

you show the lights that stop me, turn me to stone.

happiness hit her like a train on a track, coming towards her, stuck, still no turning back. she hid around corners and she hid under beds, she killed it with kisses and from it she fled.

suddenly life turned around. suddenly, the sun was setting on the avenue and suddenly, she was in his arms, kissing his soft lips, squeezing him tight. but it was different, he was different. this time he squeezed her back. he looked into her eyes for just that little bit longer. he held her gaze and smiled like she was the only girl in the world. he didn't want anyone else; she failed to see it. she failed to see her beauty and her strength. she wasn't a model- she wasn't overly skinny or picture perfect in her own eyes. but in his, she was everything. she was the girl he had waited for. his heart had been broken by girls with lipgloss smiles, girls who took him for granted, and girls who he was infinitely played by. but not this time.

i disappeared when life got good, and i didn't need my blog anymore. but i missed it, i missed it dearly, and i miss everyone on here. 
life is different now. for starters, i'm in another country. i have a whole new set of friends and a whole new lifestyle. i have a new boyfriend, someone who i thought i would never date, and well, to be honest, we're going fucking great. i miss my old life though. i miss melbourne and my friends and my safety. change is scary, but change is good.

keep ya posted bitches
xxo sabine cara

8 whispers of love:

anastasia m said...

ahh so glad you came back!

i'm so happy you got a boyfriend (:
xxxxoxo ani

Emilia said...

I'm glad everything's working out fine.
Yep, change is difficult but it's also necessary.

Erimentha said...

he sounds like everything you deserve (because you deserve all the happiness in the world). this post made me miss you a hell of a lot! :( xxx

Camelgirl said...

aww, missed you on here. please keep writing? xx

JS. said...

Keep writing!
I do the same, I dissapear when things are great. But I always miss it, writing is always nice, no matter how you feel :)

Glad things are working out for you!

{ felicity } said...

I'm just going to follow the herd, PLEASE STAY!
It's so nice to hear you having such a surprisingly lovely time :)

Much love,

Dandalily said...

Im so excited for you and I hope to hear more from you soon babe. I missed your blog. xx

Emilia said...

Oh yes I know. Thankfully, I am not bitter. (At least not now anyway). I'll just keep my head above the surface.

what the fuck?

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