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Saturday, June 30, 2012

i spent my life trying to do things right

holy shit, we're cracking.
our relationship slowly breaking into thousands of tiny broken pieces.
maybe it was you, maybe it was me.
i think it was us.
you're turning into your own mother,
and you know how i feel about her
(times are tough)
i don't want to be you.
i don't understand you.
it's unfair.
i'll always love you
(i don't have a choice, whether i like it or not)

i didn't fuck everything over,
you just couldn't face the reality that is life.

xx scarzz

7 whispers of love:

Emilia said...

you just couldn't face the reality that is life.
I love this line so much. Don't ask me why. It just sort of... clicks.

Erimentha said...

Oh honey, I wish I could take you back to a month ago when things were perfect. Don't let anyone define your relationship except yourself and your lover!!!
I hope things get better from here on in...take care of yourself until the 19th, xoxoxo

tywo said...

Oh, your heart is so beautiful and delicate.
Someday, we shall all be fine.
You have my love.

Erimentha said...

I recommend blogging about your troubles. It helps. Thinking of you, x.

{ felicity } said...

I have absolutely no words except I send all my geeky blogger love.


JS. said...

Beautiful words, I hope things get better for you (both)..

Karolina said...

I understand all that, I'm gluing the pieces, I am always fighting not to let darkness get through. It will be ok :)


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