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Sunday, August 12, 2012

before everything fades to rainbow

dear you, gorgeous boy, how are you doing?i miss you. i miss the way your blonde hair falls on your face and the way your blue eyes sparkled under the summer sun.those three weeks were such a highlight in my life.i was growing up and so were you,but we'd lie there, in the afternoon sun,holding each other's hands nervously like we didn't know anything that the other person was thinking.
you were so good to me,we both knew nothing would happen,but in that moment,those endless nights,kissing and cuddling under the covers,aggressively ripping clothes off,silently putting them on again.
we were best friends made to love,but time and people came between us,not to worry, i still smile at the thought of your stupid grin,and i still have that paper bracelet you made me,the one that says'kiss me, i'm sexy.'i hope you remember it as fondly as i do.

back to school in a few days.god, i'm excited. so ready for this year.with him... i'm not sure what to make of it at the moment.not sure who he is or who he has become,and questioning if i really ever knew him at all.
see, i'm true, my songs are where my heart is,i'm like glue, i stick to other artists,i'm not you (now that would be disastrous)let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures.

xx scarzz

8 whispers of love:

Erimentha said...

Good luck with the start of school. This is your year, make the most of it! As for the 3 week boy cheeky thing! Talk soon my love, xxx

Dandalily said...

Good luck with school, be good but not too good. This post was lovely by the way I couldn't help but smile.

A.P said...

Going back to school for a new term is always exciting!!
I miss that feeling now..and those endless resolutions about improving my handwriting, or keeping my books tidy!
Have fun :)
Lovely Post.
Not Just My Allegories

Goku shrestha said...

with your "him" ? best wishes :)

{ felicity } said...

I hope you paint the town red and find the stars when you go back to school.


Emilia said...

The situations seems tough, but only time can show.
It's awful, that feeling of not knowing someone.

Erimentha said...

beautiful girl,
i would be truly honored if you posted my post on your blog! thank you, i feel so appreciated/understood.

i hope you are taking care and school is going alright.
love you and miss you so much,
xxx <3

Liz said...

School started for me as well - unfortunately I'm not quite as enthusiastic hahah. My fingers are already stained with ink and I'm developing raw elbows from the desks.

I wish I could stop that boy from breaking your heart. I don't know what I could say to fix things. It's probably why I avoid people - they are so much more difficult than poetry and mathematical equations (I suppose that is what makes them so fascinating).

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