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Sunday, October 7, 2012

missing him was dark grey, all alone

dear eric, baby,
i'll never forget that 3 hour bus ride,
your head on my shoulder, my head on your shoulder,
my fingers constantly searching for your hands,
panicking when we weren't intertwined,
but then finding solace when i realised you were doing just the same,
everyday i fell for you harder,
forgetting him and remembering you,
that awkward face you do when i do something you find attractive,
that laugh you do,
our 5 hour skype calls..
my 'pornstar' position,
and your beautiful, beautiful arms under your blanket.
that time we played basketball,
finding every excuse to touch each other.
i think i'm in love with you.

but then, along she came.
one text message,
and everything we had was gone.
i should have known better..
of course you would go back to her.
but she'll screw you over again.. can't you see?
she broke your heart once,
and now i'll sit back and watch as she does it again.
i got screwed over first by one boy,
then i found you,
and then you screwed me over too.
but luckily for you,
i'll be there to catch you when she fucks you up the ass.

xx scarzz

5 whispers of love:

{ felicity } said...

I hope he realises how good you are in the end.

Somehow though, this reminds me of the Ron, Lavender and Hermoine triangle.

All my love.

Pradann said...

Its hard I know but with a Love like that, you deserve the best. Which he sadly aint..

+To Me It Matters+

Erimentha said...

Hey Sab, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I feel like we're both missing huge chunks of each others lives so I am looking forward to exams being over and having the time to sit down and talk to you. I miss you, xxx

AVY said...

Heartbreaking, but that's life.


Dandalily said...

We're all getting hurt by each other, in the end you'll have to decide if he's really worth all the pain he's causing. Stay strong sweetie.

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