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Thursday, December 13, 2012

the one thing i know to be true, i'll never finish loving you.

sag was, was soll ich machen? 

describe the the colour yellow without using the word.

it is the colour of summer days and fresh lemonade, fizzing in the hot sun. it is the dress she wears when she's sitting in the garden, sipping chamomile tea and nibbling on shortbread. it is the the sunrise on a cool day in countryside germany, coming up above the snow-peaked mountains to start another day of routine. it is the colour you wake up and to on a lazy sunday morning after a long night out that's left you smiling and no regrets. it is the beams of sunlight that shine through your wooden blind, lighting up every single particle of dust in the air. it is the colour of smiles plastered on faces.

but it is the colour you see when see him with her, and it is the colour when everything he said he wouldn't do, he does. it is losing him when you nearly had him when he leaves you for another. it is him lying to your face and expecting you to still love him. it is the colour you see when i hold his hand, when your worst nightmare comes true, and it is me never coming back to you even when you thought i would. it is the colour i see when you upload a picture of you and her smiling, happy, in love. 

it was envy, it was jealousy, but now it fades back to optimism and smiles.
now it is the colour of your pants, the colour of your hair and the colour of the ends of my hair. it is the colour of my costume and the colour you fell in love with me in. it is the colour that reminds me of you. and it is a beautiful colour.


2 whispers of love:

{ felicity } said...

I love this for so many reasons. Mostly because yellow is my favourite colour, but also because for some reason it just makes sense.


Aprad said...

Yellow is a beautiful colour. So is this post. I feel you.

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