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Thursday, June 20, 2013

too young too dumb to realise that you should have (bought me flowers/never come into my life/fucked me)

sometimes i wish we could just pretend
(even for only one weekend)

"just take it off," he whispers
(it's two am, feeling like i just lost a friend)
"am i beautiful?" she thinks
(you're the only thing i know like the back of my hand)
"i love her.." he thinks
(and i can't breathe)
"i'll just pretend i'm fucking the one who broke my heart.." he thinks
(but i have to)
"he must love me if he wants to fuck me" she confirms
(hope you know it ain't easy)
"i'm not hurting her, surely not her... she's invincible"
(no one here to save me)
"he's not hurting me..."

the words flow as i write this
perhaps the memory is oh so recent (buried? no.)
an almost lover
i will twist the knife in your front
so that way at least
i didn't stab you in the back (like the bitch would)
the truth sucks,
but wouldn't you rather be the man everyone wants you to be?


3 whispers of love:

Erimentha said...

wow, i really really like what you've done here...taylor mixed in with your own prose. so good! keep blogging, i love everything you post with a passion x x x

Dandalily said...

this is beautiful, i love reading lyrics meshed in your writing it's wonderful. xx

Nuha Nasim said...

This was nice. :)

what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.