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Monday, August 12, 2013

i got a bad boy (must admit it), you got my heart, (don't know how you did it)

feels satisfying to know i actually reached my summer goal 
and oh, he fucked me good

best sex of my life, easily. i wasn't afraid to tell him what i liked, and i certainly was afraid to tell him what i didn't. 
we didn't use a condom (i'm on bc) and that was a first for me. it's definitely more convenient. we got high, tipsy, and giggly. i took the first hit from his cordial bottle bong and my throat hurt a bitch. he kissed me better. we rolled around on his bed in his beach house, ate migoreng, he squeezed my ass and i dug my nails into his arms as he touched me. we left a little of both of us on the sheets.
we banged slow, and then i begged for fast. just as we were both close, we'd collapse onto each other in a heap of sweat and then do it all again. 
he came all over me, and i licked it off. it wasn't salty, like i expected. i wasn't disgusted, like before.
i traced his hip bone and he complimented my womanhood. 
i snuggled up to him and we interlocked our legs.
he told me about his fears (his dad's expectations, not being successful and giving his future family all that his parents gave him, his fear of sharks)
i told him about mine (not changing the world, not doing what i love and wasting my days away)
he joked about vegetarianism and i got angry,
we talked it over later when he drove me home (it was cute).
i can't believe how lucky i am,
my days revolved around those hours in his car, kissing, talking, pretending to be angry at each other,
it was so right (he was so right).
he was so smart and so funny (he took his econ test as i kissed his arm).
and i found myself just wanting to spend all my time with him (i swear we could talk for hours).

we fucked when we woke up (cheeky morning sex)
we talked and laughed (it was more than just casual fucking)
i miss him 
his cologne, his tshirts, his ridiculous pride for his underwear (but i won't let distance ruin me again)
i'll make my first adult decision and place him in my "memories to make you smile on a bad day" box
i now understand the bittersweetness of summer romance.
his voice was cute 
his hands were soft
his stubble was sexy
he deserves the best girl in the world. 


3 whispers of love:

tayla presserio said...

it sounds like you guys had an amazing time. summertime romance is indeed bittersweet, but if you're mature (i know you are) you'll just remember it as the perfect time in your life. :)

xxx tayla p.

Jamilla S said...

This breaks my heart! That last line is so sweet, I wish I was so kind to wish that for him.

Emilia said...

ah, I feel you. Your sentiments express my current emotions.

what the fuck?

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