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Thursday, August 29, 2013

you and i have been catchin' on like wildfire.

today i disappointed my favourite teacher.
walking out felt good at the time but feels less good now.
i'm trying to fix my attitude problems: i'm really trying.
it's difficult in a school that allows its teachers to bully its students.
because they've gotten away with it for so long. 
and so when i'm the only one who actually fights back,
suddenly i'm the cunt with no respect. 
i'm so fucking fed up with this petty bitching that goes on in the staff room about me.

things i'm trying to fix:
- my short temper
- being a drama queen
- giving as many opinions (i want people to miss my influence since I give it so freely)
- my relationship with the teachers that don't think i'm a good class president

things i really think:
- my attitude isn't a problem
- i give the appropriate amount of respect, as a teacher student relationship should be
- the fact i think there's no problem is probably what makes me such a bitch

things that make me happy:
- thinking about directing the school musical (what an experience)
- going to the gym: working out is my stress relief.
- naughty lyrics: (he makes me want it)
- voice messages at 1am with my favourite (gorgeous) man ,
(that result in my uncontrollable giggling in my extreme state of tiredness)
- my best friend always knowing when to cheer me up, and when to give me space
- john mayer's new album (but he knows how to write lyrics just where it hurts)
- being a true swiftie (fuck you 1D fans.)

3 whispers of love:

Erimentha said...

I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself and what you believe, but also recognising when you're wrong and what you can improve on. Most people don't see both.

Keep loving your gorgeous guy and your best friend. You deserve them so much. xx

House of Milk said...

Teachers should give respect if they want respect in return. Bad teachers seem to abuse the small amount of authority they have over students and it's terrible. Ugh.

Emilia said...

Dear, did you delete your last post? It showed on my feed but I couldn't find it on your blog.
Hope you're ok.


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