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Saturday, September 14, 2013

i give up on avoiding lovin' you

I'm late but now I'm running,
Please wait for me- I'm coming,
I swear I won't wait another day,
I finally found the words to say..
I want you. 

thoughts on number five:

you... always you. you in the sunshine, alone, perfectly happy in isolation.
you, in the rain, the rain dripping off your hair,
each drop tracing your perfectly sculptured jawline, smile perhaps.
you look the best when you smile.
you... when you're happy. 
i know what they mean when they say run as fast as you can.
but if it's running from you... i'm simply unable.
i try and run in the opposite direction,
but i always end up back in your arms,
or slightly out of your reach,
you put your walls up and i break them down each night.
isn't that fair to say?
each night we envelope ourselves under a blanket of desire.
leaves me longing for your touch, your hands, your arms,
you, inside me.
you tempt me but retract the next morning,
as though you've taken the blanket and folded it at the end of my bed,
to keep yourself appropriately distanced but remind me of your presence. 
i know what you're shielding yourself from.

thursday, thursday, thursday.
my mind is running wild the thought of you, naked, so close to me. 
i read your blog from 2 months ago (or more) and it made me sad.
the thought of you being so sure you loved her, instantly.
my mind is spinning: what does she have that i don't?
you can't tell me that those endless nights don't reignite your passion (for me),
please bring your guard down: regretting us is no longer an option in this perpetual love.

1 whispers of love:

AVY said...

I can't read what former lovers write, I just can't do it.


what the fuck?

dear lovelies,
I take no credit for any of the gorgeous pictures on my blog (unless stated).
I get them all from here.