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Thursday, December 12, 2013

break it or keep it, it's yours to decide

but we are never (ever ever ever) getting back together.

look at her go, (look at her go… going… soon to be gone.)
well done: you tried to hard to protect her,
shield her from whatever you hadn't been shielded from.
well done: you failed- now look at her go (gone).

a broken heart can only be taped back together,
but there's always a tiny fragment missing,
and each time it breaks, a little more is lost.
she was whole: pure: untainted (just as you were once, too)
he pieced it back together: but he, as expected, didn't get it quite right.
he never gets it quite right. asshole.

he's just like every other you've ever known (loved)
but only now do you realise this: what a joke, right?
you were okay with going through all the pain of that fragmented heart yourself,
but her? no- not her- please. she is worth so much more.
best friend: i always tried to be your saviour- knowing I would fail,
not realising the extent to which it would slap me in the face:
because now it wasn't me: it was the pain I knew- but now being felt by you, too
perhaps worst enemy would be more appropriate. 

5 whispers of love:

Erimentha said...

Oh honey...
"You were okay with going through all the pain of that fragmented heart yourself,
but her? No - not her - please. She is worth so much more."
I am aching for you and your pain, x PS. Am I allowed to compliment your writing when I know it's come from such a hard place? I will are a stunning writer, as always

Niki said...

hardsips we've endured we don't wish on others.especially loved ones.xx

dreaming is believing

Emilia said...

No words to help or heal, I'm sorry.
This was stunning though. Wish it didn't come from so much pain.

helen said...

i am so, so sorry. we just want to protect those we love and it's like taking one hundred stabs to the heart in realising we can't x

Jamilla S said...

"he never gets it quite right"

what the fuck?

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